Why “Decidedly” Godly Music?

We are excited about the blessings of singing and listening to decidedly Godly music. There is a growing trend of people who are realizing the real value of pure, decidedly Godly music in the church and in the home; music that is not tainted with the music styles that have been used to worship Satan.

Our God is a musical God. He enjoys singing (Zeph. 3:17) and listening to singing and music. Music existed before the world began, and Heaven in eternity future will be filled with music. Music has always had an important part in the Church’s worship of God. If only words were important in worship, why have music? Why not read poems? The reason is that God loves music. He enjoys hearing us sing. Music is an essential part of worship.

Godly music is more than an issue about what one likes or dislikes. The real question about Christian music is not what do people like, but does God enjoy our music, or is it noise to Him?

Did you realize that in the Bible music without any words was used to either bring down the power of God or to chase away evil spirits? Music speaks in the spirit realm!

11 Kings 3-.14-15 Elisha asked for a harpist. “While the harpist was playing, the hand of the Lord came upon Elisha.” God revealed His message. (Music alone without words)

I Sam. 10:5-7 A procession of prophets had musical instruments being played in front of them, and they were prophesying. When Saul met them the Spirit of the Lord came on him in power, and he also prophesyed. (Music alone without words)

I Sam. 16:14-23 We find an evil spirit responding (fleeing) when David played the harp. (Music alone without words)

Is. 30:31,32 It says that every stroke that God lays on Assyria in battle will be to the music of tambourines and harps. (This is refering to music alone without words.)

Other references where God acted in response to music:

11 Chron. 5:11-14; 11 Chron. 20:15-32; Judges 7:22; Acts 16:25-25

Most of the Christian CDs and tapes available today in Christian bookstores have one or more songs that have a back beat. A backbeat is the basic element of the rock beat. A backbeat is a heavy or subtle beat on beats two and four in four-four time.

The thing that is inappropriate about using a backbeat in Christian songs is that the rock beat has been and is used in the worship of Satan. There are a number of people who have come out of the occult and have testified to this. In addition there are many secular rock songs that glorify Satan and his agenda. This fact places the backbeat in a different catagory than just borrowing music from secular society. Because music without words communicates as a language in the spirit realm, music that communicates to Satan and demons can not be made to worhip Jesus by adding Godly words to it. The spirit language is communicating to Satan and the human language is disguising the one who is receiving the worship. It is literary a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We must not take music that is used to worship Satan and anger God by trying to worship Him with it.

We used to believe that music was amoral. However, when we realized that music speaks to the spirit realm we did a 180 degree turn. To us it was then no question about whether the rock beat was good or bad. A further insight about the backbeat is that the volume of the beat or music does not change the spiritual element of the backbeat. A soft backbeat, as in secular easy listening music, has the same spiritual element as a harder backbeat.

One of the blessings of decidedly Godly music in the home is that it has a calming affect on the children and home atmosphere. Some families have discovered that harp music has been especially beneficial in this. We have found that other decidedly Godly music also provides a calming affect, especially pure, rich a capella singing. For other blessings of decidedly Godly music see the page “Music for Children.

We encourage you to raise the standard and provide decidedly Godly music for your family — music that is without question Godly music. Earthly entertainment is for a moment; eternity is forever.

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