Who We Are

Myron Horst

I was raised in a conservative Mennonite church in the suburbs of Washington, DC. I attended Eastern Mennonite University where I was majoring in Bible and accounting. However, after about a year and a half, God led me to move back home.

While living at home, I attended Montgomery College and University of Maryland for one semester each. At University of Maryland I took two courses, one on the history of the Jewish people and the other on Jewish literature. Both courses were taught by Jewish Rabbis. I had taken both courses at EMU and was very surprised that the approach to the Bible, the philosophy, and the beliefs were very similar between the Jewish Rabbis and the liberal Christian EMU professors. I realized that both the Jewish Rabbis and liberal Christians approached the Bible from a literary and historical approach – as a collection of books written by human authors. They did not view the Bible as a living book of the very words of God that applies as much to us today as it did to those who lived in the time period in which each of the books were transcribed from God and written down. That is when I realized why God had led me to leave EMU. I was there long enough to understand the liberal mindset, but God led me away before I was led astray by their error.

I then attended Rosedale Bible College where I graduated with an associate degree in Bible. God’s calling on my life was to help the church draw closer to Christ. At first I sought to complete my bachelor’s degree and then go on for further Bible training. However, God did not lead in that direction. Years later I understood why when God showed me in Scripture that higher education for pastors and church leaders is not beneficial.

For 14 years I worked as a finish carpenter and cabinet maker in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Then God led our family to start a pasture based farm. The farm has been a very important part of my spiritual education. Just like God trained Moses and David to understand His leadership method by being shepherds, and as John the Baptist was trained by being in the desert where he could learn to hear God speak to him, God has used the farm to teach me some of His truths that I could not have learned otherwise. There are many things that are only understood when we fully understand from a more traditional type farm experience what the Bible is saying when it uses farming illustrations and describes people as sheep and pastors as shepherds.

For the past 20+ years I have been studying the Bible on various subjects facing the church that I wanted to find God’s answers about. The things that God has shown me I wrote down and made available for free on this website, for your use.

We have a house church and are no longer members of the Mennonite church. We are followers of Christ and His church and not the followers of theological persuasions of men, such as Calvinism, or of any man made denomination (1Cor. 1:12) Instead our focus is on following all of God’s commands in the New Testament and following His leading in every area of our lives.

We invite you to visit all of our websites. Each one has a different emphasis:

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