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We welcome your feedback. However, please understand that we simply do not have the personnel or resources to be able to answer personal, theological or spiritual questions you may have. We truly wish we had such resources, but we don’t. We farm full time and in what spare time we have, we are continually doing research and writing on new topics as God directs.

If you have questions about your specific situation, we encourage you to go to God and get your answers from Him rather than asking us. We are no longer living in Old Testament times when people needed a priest or prophet to go to God for answers to their questions. Too many people today are looking to pastors, Bible scholars and teachers to give them direction. God will answer you if you ask Him and wait for Him to give you an answer.

God speaks to us in many different ways. One way that God has given us direction a number of times is to ask Him for direction. Then, after you have prayed, open your Bible and start paging at random through the Bible, asking God to show you what He has to teach you. If there is a verse or passage that stands out to you, write it down, and continue to look. God may lead you into a specific area of Bible study. Then look back over the passages of Scripture that God has showed you.

Sometimes God gives the answer right away. Other times He makes us wait for weeks or months, showing small things along the way.

You will not stand before us on Judgment Day. What we tell you, or what someone else tells you, may be the wrong thing. If you rely on the opinions of other people for decisions in your life, you are living on shaky ground. Jesus is the Judge you will stand before on Judgment Day. He is very willing to give you the answers and direction that you need.

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